Climate Change? What Climate Change?

ffh82vms-139165852581% of Australians think the Earth’s climate is changing, but of those only 47% think that human activity is the cause  as opposed to natural variations in temperature (39%), according to a recent report by CSIRO.

So what are we doing about it? According to Zoe Leviston a research scientist with CSIRO “more than half our participants (57.1%) were “self-enhancing”: they tended to overestimate how much environmental action they were taking compared to others.

The way we perceive ourselves and others can influence how we respond to contested issues, including climate change. However, these perceptions are subject to cognitive biases or distortions as we attempt to make sense of the world around us.

Misperceptions about what others think about climate change extend to misperceptions about what others do.”

For some easy to implement ideas on how you can contribute positively to mitigating climate change the EPA site is worth a look.

For a larger scale plan though PolyGenomX’s Paulownia offers a great solution.

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