The Company

PolyGenomX Limited is an Australian unlisted public Company incorporated on 11 October 2010 for the purpose of commercialising the technology developed by Malcolm Lamont to enhance the performance of a wide range of plants.

Vision, Mission & Values

The best way to understand us and what we do is to look to our Vision, Mission and Value statements – which is something that we and our people do on a regular basis for they are our guidance system and not only serve to keep us on track, but also help us to explain ourselves to our stakeholders, whether they be team members, clients, suppliers, the communities within which we work or the investors who may seek to support us and to share in the returns offered by the commercialisation our technology.


It is our Vision to develop science and apply technology which enhances the performance of plants for the benefit of Humanity and in harmony with Nature.

Use of PolyGenomX™ plant technology offers a significant commercial advantage to those engaged in:

• Renewable Energy  • Carbon Capture & Storage  • Water Remediation   • Forestry
• Soil Remediation   • Global Warming Management  • Crop & Food Production


Our Mission is to contribute to a better world through the development of plant-related technology and the licensing of moral, competent and committed partners who commercialise that technology to the benefit of humanity, while respecting and working in harmony with Nature.


In carrying out our Mission, we will always:

  • Work in harmony with Nature;
  • Honour inspiration & good science;
  • Deal openly & honestly with all; and
  • Seek mutual prosperity with our partners

We choose to work only with those who accept our values and whose values we can accept, as the foundation of their relationship with us.