forestry banner2Forestry is the “business” of growing trees and, as a business, its goals are to maximise yield while minimising inputs.

Whether “yield” takes the form of carbon capture, sawn timber or pulp production, biomass or high-value timber. PolyGenomX varieties exhibit higher yield than their diploid peers. They also are more robust and can be effectively grown on marginalised land that would otherwise be unproductive.

PolyGenomX Advantages for Forestry and Forest Production

  • Biomass production, with shorter rotations of coppicewood species for fuel and electricity generation
  • Enhanced Bioenergy production on impoverished land with species better suited to gasification
  • Pulpwood, faster growth, shorter rotation
  • Faster production of hardwood and softwood Sawlogs with mature wood properties
  • Cabinet wood production (high end value) adapted to marginal land and bioclimate
  • Rapid Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Adaptation of tree species to environmental stressors, including insect pests and diseases

If a forest is productive in terms of its economic or ecological goals then an equivalent PolyGenomX forest will be up to 30% more productive and therefore more profitable. Click Here for more information on the effects of the PolyGenomX technology on Paulownia.