PGX Promise

PolyGenomX promise bannerPolyGenomX plants:

Faster Growing

Plants naturally process carbon dioxide (CO2) as part of the Calvin Cycle (a key part of their photosynthetic process) and use carbon to build energy molecules such as glucose, while releasing the oxygen into the atmosphere.

From our scientific trials we have established that polygenomic plants are generally more efficient at this process than unmodified plants (up to 50% more efficient, in fact).

In simple terms: For exactly the same inputs of sunlight, water and nutrient polygenomic plants capture and store up to 50% more carbon , and within the same time frame grow up to 30% larger than their standard equivalents.


Polygenomic plants have the potential to demonstrate higher degrees of resistance to a wide range of environmental stressors such as temperature, aridity, acidity, salinity, and mineral toxicity and deficiencies. Making them far more adaptable than their non-polygenomic (or diploid) peers.


We deliver on this aspect of our Brand Promise in two key ways:

  1. Polygenomy adds extra genomes to the mix thus increasing the potential for genetic variation from which desirable characteristics may be selected. PolyGenomX’s biotechnology speeds up the selective breeding cycle by providing more material to work with.
  2. PolyGenomX varieties are often multi-purpose. For example a single PGX variety may be used for lowering the water table to reduce salinity, while yielding high-quality biomass for conversion to syngas, while providing mid-term carbon capture and storage within the root structures, while yielding high protein cattle fodder during copicing.


With their reduced growing times and their potential to cope with a wider range of soils, rainfall and environments, PolyGenomX plants are capable of “supercharging” already profitable plant-related businesses, by yielding more for the same inputs, quicker.

In short: PolyGenomX’s unique biotechnology provides plants which grow your profits faster.