Producers & Consultants

PolyX technology enhances the performance of plants without recourse to genetic modification (non-GMO). It provides plant-based enterprises with new varieties of their existing stock which are at least 30% more carbon efficient and so therefore grow 30% faster, yield 30% greater output in a significantly reduced time span. For producers in the Agriculture, Forestry, Renewable Energy & Environmental Remediation industries the potential is staggering.

PolyGenomX’s leading edge technology also offers a profitable and unique opportunity to supplement the income of consultants to the Forestry, Agriculture, Environmental Remediation & Renewable Energy industries. We offer substantial commissions on various types of representation and have a well developed process for training and support.

If you are looking for a market advantage over your competitors, or would like to set yourself up as a leader in your field with a suit of innovative products and solutions, then request a detailed informational brochure in the box on the right.