Faster Forest Program

We have now launched our Crowd Funding Campaign – ‘PGX – The Faster Forest Program’ on IndieGoGo.

How It Works

The Faster Forest Program is a way in which YOU can play a part in re-balancing our environment – our planet – by sponsoring (adopting) one of the fastest growing trees on the planet, an extraordinary polygenomic Paulownia, an entirely new – but natural – plant variety.

It’s an extraordinary plant that gives:

  • 30% Faster Growth
  • 50% More Carbon Intake and capture
  • Is 100% Natural
  • Is fertile and will multiply itself many times over 
  • and has been developed to be Climate Tolerant.  They’re tough!

What We Need 

$3 million to move beyond trees and into food species (faster-growing, sweeter and more nutritious tomatoes; salt-tolerant potatoes capable of making damaged land productive, while progressively healing it;  and faster-growing, salt-tolerant rice to feed the world). 

Your contribution will fund our University partners to systematize our adaptive processes so that we can scale up, and to push our capabilities to develop disease resistant plants to end our reliance on chemicals which harm our ecosystem and our environment.