Working with PGX – An Overview

Following is a summary of how we at PGX work with our clients…

Essentially, we develop new plant varieties, guaranteeing our clients a 20% or better yield increase.

We charge a low up-front Development Fee, allow an initial one million plants to be propagated and planted without royalty (to provide a quick Fee recoupment) and apply a modest royalty (of around 4%) thereafter.

With plantation and forestry profits typically in the range of 15%-20% (and less, in many cases) our plants are most likely to double our clients’ profits.

Using our plants increases yields and decreases losses without requiring any change in training, inputs, operational processes, equipment or infrastructure while reducing the need for fertiliser and chemicals in some situations. They may also make profitable marginal (low cost) lands or anchor the remediation of degraded ecosystems.

Each plant we develop is a new item of intellectual property (IP). When Clients pay us to enhance their elite plant genetics, we grant them exclusive rights to that new IP.  Typically, we supply 150 newly-enhanced PolyGenomX (PGX) Specimens in tissue culture from which our Clients propagate whatever they require.  All plants bred or cloned from PGX Specimens carry the induced performance traits and are subject to royalty.

Each PGX Plant has a unique genetic fingerprint and performance characteristics which can be identified remotely through automated analysis of agricultural and weather satellite data and matched against GPS license locations.  Plants detected outside of a licensed location can be sampled and traced to their original Development Project and License Agreement.

We view compliance as important for our Clients as it protects their investment in a unique, improved species as well as the business it supports.

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