What Food Looks Like Without Human Intervention

As we all know by now humans have been cultivating plants for many thousands of years, but have you ever wondered what the food you eat would look like if we hadn’t been manipulating the breeding and development of plants? Below is an image from Genetic Literacy Project showing where it all began;

non GMO food

“Also, it’s informative to note that more than 3,000 grains, fruits and vegetables have been “created” in a laboratory by subjecting them with gamma rays and/or highly toxic chemicals to artificially scramble their DNA–and have since been marketed as organic, including Ruby Red grapefruits and almost of the most flavorful and top selling organic Italian pasta. Read about that here: Pasta? Ruby grapefruits? Why organic devotees love foods mutated by radiation and chemicals

Source: How your food would look if not genetically modified over millennia?

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