What Exactly Does PGX Produce?

Within the operations of PGX we have biotech labs, technicians, nurseries and growing grounds.

However, our product is “a license to use” the output of these operations.  Commonly, we sell a license to use the new performance traits we have induced in a new plant species.  Less commonly, we will sell a license to apply one or more of the processes we have developed for inducing new performance traits in plant species.

Ultimately our product is intellectual property, an idea, a useful model for inducing stress adaptation in plants in a natural but directed and very precise manner to breed useful, newly-evolved and adapted plant varieties.

We presently induce three classes of adaptation:

  1. Polyploidy – higher carbon uptake, faster growth, earlier maturation, higher yields and greater robustness;
  2. Abiotic Stress Tolerance – graduated tolerance for salt, drought, climate, toxins and other environmental factors; and
  3. Biotic Stress Resistance – complete resistance to specific bacteria, virus – and pests.

Typically, our Clients pay an up-front fee plus an on-going royalty based on a small portion of the net added value they enjoy from the use of our plants or from the use of the process used to breed those plants.  (This is outlined further in the Working with PGX post below.)

Through fair licensing practices, a commitment to a low-cost-high-volume business model, automated and objective monitoring and compliance processes, and on ensuring our partners prosper before they pay us, we will ensure the widest possible use of our products and thereby bring about the widest possible beneficial impact on our environment.

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