Salt-tolerant Polygenomic Rice

Like the Sweet Sorghum Project, we also want to develop a salt-tolerant, polygenomic rice species as an opener to this vast global market.

Our recent work with Giant Reed (Arundo Donax – ‘Adx’) have validated our capability to develop a polyploid species that can  process large quantities of salts while yielding high-quality biomass.

This opens the way to working with rice.  You see, Adx is a diploid monocot – or at least it was before we developed the polygenomic varieties.  Rice is a diploid monocot, though it has been a paleopolyploid (meaning it was once polyploid in the distant past, but has resolved to a diploid in the present era).  So, in one sense of speaking, rice  “knows” how to be polyploid!

We have already begun scoping a project to develop the salt-tolerant, polygenomic rice species.  We have secured a technical expert for the project (including an internationally renowned Australian rice expert – now retired – who has offered to work on the project pro bono because “It could be fun!”) and a University partner (including a professor of epigenetics who is looking forward to the data and insights that such an innovation will generate).

We now need an industry operator at the seed breeding level to complete the team. If you fit the bill, please contact us.

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