PolyGenomX Representative Partner Opportunities

PolyGenomX Limited has developed biotechnology which produces stable, fertile polygenomic plants and trees that grow faster than peers, thrive in a wider range of environments, and can be specifically adapted to deal with salinity, soil deficiencies, drought or other man-made problems across the globe.
Enterprises which stand to benefit substantially from the Company’s plants are in the fields of agriculture, water & environmental remediation, wood pulp, biomass, renewable energy, forestry, carbon capture & storage, reafforestation, milling timber, and biofuel.

The Company seeks to build its “gene bank” of high-performance trees and plants and to engage ethical and competent Partners to commercialise different aspects of its intellectual property.

  • PolyGenomX uses world’s-first epigenetic (non-GMO) technology to rapidly develop new polygenomic (enhanced, stable and fertile polyploid) varieties of any plant species offering 30% more efficient CO2 utlisation, 30+% compounded growth increase, earlier maturation, higher yields and greater environmental tolerance and adaptability.
  • These new plants require no change in current silviculture, equipment, processes or handling in any way.
  • PGX also has the demonstrated capacity to induce deep environmental tolerance (to salinity, toxicity, aridity, temperature, etc) in any species, and are entering our first proof-of-concept trials to demonstrate our capacity to epigenetically induce heritable disease resistance in plants (beginning with tomatoes).
  • Our technology is a newly-emerged game-changer for industries previously constrained by the shackles of performance development cycles spanning decades. We have the capacity to substantially and quickly improve the bottom line of any already-profitable large-scale plant-based enterprise in your area – regardless of the species in which they deal.
  • We seek just one moral, competent and committed local operator for each Region, who is well-connected and respected to represent our products and interests within their local plant-based industries.
  • We provide incentives ranging from 4% of deal for an introduction that matures into business, to 33% of our GP for a Representative Partner who is prepared to manage all aspects of our customer relationships in his or her area. That GP relates to on-going royalty revenue which can become very substantial over time.

Desired Skills & Expertise

  • Personal alignment with our Vision, Mission and Values see – https://www.polygenomx.com/the-company
  • Ambition, goals, plans, a desire to build personal wealth
  • Deal finding and deal making ability
  • A history of doing good business
  • Knowledge of, credibility with, respect from and for, and connections within plant-based industries in your area of interest.
  • Our ideal Clients are;
    • Already profitable: Our technology will not save a business model that is flawed and not already profitable. Clients who are not already profitable seldom have the capital required to start their relationship with our products let alone sustain the plantation outgoings required through grow-out to harvest, and dealing with people with no money is guaranteed to end in tears.
    • Large-scale: Small-scale operators cannot absorb or gain an ROI on the up-front Development & License Fee we charge to conduct a new species development project, or to recover the funds previously sunk into an already-developed species. They also lack the in-house expertise to ensure proper handling and propagation of the small number of initial plants we provide from which commercial numbers will be propagated.
    • Plant-based:  Generally we are best served dealing with the end-user of our stock; the people who will propagate, grow and harvest the plants we provide, using the systems, skills and infrastructure they have already developed.  In that situation, our product is very analogous to “adding a turbocharger to the race engine of an already competent race team” – they know what they are doing, they can drive well and compete, and they gain an immediate increase in performance with little or no change to their processes or infrastructure, and therefore they gain a substantial increase in profitability quickly.

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