PGX is not GMO

Here at PolyGenomX (PGX) we apply epigenetic science to enhance plant performance naturally, producing earlier-maturing, higher-yielding, stress-tolerant, climate-tough varieties of any species. We do not employ genetic engineering, and our new varieties are not genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

We recently asked a leading Australian IP firm to formally assess this claim. Following assessment of our technology and processes, they formed the opinion that because PGX’ technology does not make use of gene modification technology (or other genetic engineering techniques) or give rise to genetically modified plants, it should not be at risk of falling within the legislative framework governing generation, use and release of GMOs.

What PolyGenomX’s technology involves is more akin to conventional cross-breeding and use of environmental stresses to obtain advantageous characteristics in plants. The plants alter their own genome in response to the environment rather than there being any external genetic intervention or manipulation, similar to what would normally happen from time to time in nature.

If you would like to learn more, or receive a copy of our formal advice on GMO clearance, please contact us.

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