Jatropha & The Good Guys

It’s interesting when you look at Jatropha articles and sites across the web.  Many of the references and sites and posts are at the level of people “trading in what is there”. 

A few, posted by people like Sreenivas Ghatty and Salim Mastan, are the work and words of people who have taken a deep and sincere interest in this plant and the promise it holds for providing an affordable and accessible source of biofuel not only for aviation fuel for the developed world, but as a means of driving the basic machinery of the third and emerging worlds.  

Salim would have to be the “Youtube Advocate Extraordinaire” with his constant stream of short videos showing one or another aspect of Jatropha cultivation and utilisation.

Sreenivas, on the other hand, focuses  his energy through his research institute in Hyderabad to utilise waste lands to create employment through the production  of biofuels.

We admire what these folk, the people who support them, and others like them are doing to draw resources from often degraded land and to create employment and opportunities for others, and we look forward to sharing our technology with them.