Can PGX Change the World?

Every entrepreneur has the vision they can change the world.  We at PGX believe we can change the world, for the better, one plant at a time!

Globally, every single day, Mankind strips away 35,000ha of forest.  Every day our remaining forests process 35,000,000 less tonnes of CO2; and every day the world’s remaining forests generate 93,000,000 less tonnes oxygen than they did the day before.

We’re destroying the lungs of our Earth.  (This is a key thesis in our headline PolyGenomX Video.)

To reverse this we must plant more trees than we cut down, but without the promise of short term gains humans are generally slow to act – even when that is in our own long-term interests.

Fortunately, PGX plants come with a promise of significant, short-term gains for anyone engaged in a plant-based enterprise.  30% increase in yield, or three harvests in place of two – all for no increase in inputs – promises huge increases in profits.  Strong incentives to use more of our plants.

Fortunately, they also come with incidental short-term gains for our environment.  An exponential 30%-50% increase in biomass means a 30%-50% increase in carbon dioxide extracted from our atmosphere, and a 30%-50% increase in oxygen, water vapour, and rain-forming nuclei.  This translates to increased cloud cover, increased rainfall, and decreased temperatures and, because they offer a more profitable alternative, may also reduce the destruction of old growth forests and native habitat.

Regardless of how sophisticated we are, at base we eat either plants or animals that eat plants. In the absence of plants neither coal, nor iron ore nor gold will sustain us.  Using more of our plants can.

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