Beer & Chocolate & Coffee – Oh My!

The effects of climate change may be more dire than originally estimated! According to reports we can all expect to see a vast reduction in the availability of some of life’s important luxuries.



Climate change endangers clean water, quality barley, and ample hops. A study from 2009 suggested that the quality of Saaz hops from the Czech Republic has been falling since 1954 due to warmer temperatures. This is true for hops-growing regions across Europe.


In 2011, a report found that between 2030 and 2050, a warming planet will seriously cut land normally suitable for cocoa production. Cocoa, which is the primary ingredient of chocolate, is a very heat-sensitive plant. A small increase in temperature would cause yields to drop and prices to soar. Even though cocoa could be planted in cooler areas to adapt to warming, the net impact to the $9 billion cocoa industry would be severe.


Up to 25 million coffee growers worldwide (and billions of drinkers) face threats due to increasing temperatures and a climate change charged deadly fungus. Arabica, the most-consumed coffee species, could go extinct in the wild in 70 years according to a study by London’s Royal Botanic Gardens last year. This is particularly important because most coffee plantations around the world that use Arabica from limited genetic stock, while the wild Arabic strain is genetically diverse, which is essential to the coffee industry’s long-term sustainability.

Fortunately PolyGenomX’s highly stress tolerant polyploid plants can withstand temperature ranges that their standard peers couldn’t.

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