Polygenomic plants offer sustainable ecological solutions to a vast range of human needs and offer a substantial economic edge over any plant-based enterprise using standard stock.

Plants developed by PolyGenomX grow faster, maturing in an average of 2/3rds the time required by their parent stock. They have bigger foliage and fruit and a higher yield.

They are more robust, tolerating a wider range of environmental variables thus making often-marginal land economically viable.

They are more efficient, achieving between 130% and 140% of the yield of equivalent parent stock, for roughly the same inputs.

PGX plants exhibit greater adaptability and can be developed to utilise specific inputs such as high salt levels or toxic compounds, breaking them down and utilising them.

Some of the more obvious applications for PolyGenomX plants are:

  • Generation of renewable energy through biomass or bio-fuel
  • Carbon capture & storage
  • Water remediation (Coal Seam Gas Water, mining waste, etc)
  • Soil remediation (salinity, aridity, mineral deficiencies or toxicities)
  • Forestry (timber, pulp)
  • Global warming management
  • Disease resistance
  • Food security
  • Reafforestation & habit restoration