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    Read moreGenomes are the “genetic code carriers” of an organism. Polyploidy is the natural occurance of additional copies of chromosomes per cell.

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    Read moreoffer sustainable ecological solutions to a vast range of human needs and offer a substantial economic edge over any plant-based enterprise using standard stock.

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  • Environmental Remediation

    Read morePolyGenomX offers a number of biological solutions capable of significantly improving the quality and availability of water while yielding other benefits

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    Read moreOne of PGX’s core capabilities lies in significantly extending the performance potential of plants to respond positively to stresses imposed upon them by a wide range of environmental factors

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    Watch on YouTubeHow Our Scientific Process Works: See the powerful effects PolyGenomX is having on the environment and the way we view plants and energy production.

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PolyGenomX  enhances plants to grow faster, more robustly, increase yields and develop natural disease resistance for the Forestry, Agriculture and Farming, Renewable Energy & Environmental Remediation industries.

To do this we incorporate the latest in epigenetics and specifically the inducement of polyploidy.

Click here to view a video on how our scientific process works.

PolyGenomX (PGX) is a research and development (R&D) plant based biotechnology company specialising in the area of epigenetics and specifically polyploidy. PGX does not involve itself with the creation of GMO’s.

PGX’s ideal clients are large scale, already profitable, plant based businesses wishing to create an edge in their breeding programs.

Through the use of PGX’s unique technology clients can expect;

  • To see an increase in yield of at least 30%,
  • to have their breeding program time frame shortened due to the rapid growth rates expressed by PGX plants,
  • to see a significant increase in the size of fruit, seed and leaves (thereby increased biomass),
  • to be able to utilise marginalised land due to the increased robustness (be it drought tolerance, saline, acid or toxic soil resistance or a solution to many other challenges),
  • to have a natural biological solution to disease resistance.

These are just some of the solutions that PolyGenomX’s unique biotechnology has to offer. Read More.

The Science Behind our Plants

Polygenomics is the term we apply to the deliberate creation of polyploids. Polyploids are rare, naturally occurring instances of a survival response, whereby plants add extra unchanged copies of DNA (genomes) to their cell structure. It is generally believed that this response has driven the majority of plant evolution on Earth since the first, simple photosynthetic organisms appeared. read more